This game was the winner of Gotm Jam #13.  It was awarded as:

  • (1st, 3.43 of 4) Overall
  • (1st, 3.05 of 4) Gameplay
  • (1st, 3.58 of 4) Look
  • (1st, 3.50 of 4) Sound
  • (1st, 3.64 of 4) Originality
  • (1st, 3.41 of 4) Theme

The gamejam theme was 'Roguelike'. All art, audio, design, code was made in 10 days.

It's a mix of genres like roguelike, rpg, pinball, idle games. You need to earn experience defeating monsters to gain level and upgrade points. When you die, you can spend upgrade points to improve your attack, defense and/or health points and try to reach the end of forest again.

You need only the mouse to (or touch if you are on mobile/tablet device).

How long to beat

15~25 minutes.


Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorJustice Beaver
GenreRole Playing
Made withLogic Pro, Godot, Aseprite
Tags2D, Godot, Idle, Pinball, Pixel Art, Roguelike
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsMouse, Touchscreen


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Umm, help? I bounced out of the world.


Sorry for the delay in answering you. This bug is strange, it’s the second time I hear about. I think it can happen if the character is too fast (but really too fast), then walls cannot process the collision. Thanks for reporting, I think I can solve placing a force outside the screen pushing him to center of the screen. Sorry for the problem, you have to reload the page and start from begging =/.

No worries. I'm delighted to have heard back from you regardless. Yes, this is a common quirk of many out of the box physics systems. Considering that it's a rare occurence, if you could merely detect when something like this has happened and automatically end the round, I think that would be totally fine. And I recommend this just because I imagine it would be the easiest band-aid solution. Infinitely better than a soft lock. In any case, I wish you the best.

I finally beat the game, here are my thoughts for your full game.

- I feel like the game would benefit from leaning more into the idle game. Consider adding more controllable interactions to the game, things like being able to choose where to drop, punch the player with mouse, or give the player a chance to maneuver the position again might help, as 95% of the current game time is about me sitting in front of the PC watching something repetitive.

- Add abilities (depends on the development direction, it can be either passive or active abilities), for example, chain attacks, health absorption, attack range increase. As the current game flow doesn't have any variation from the start to the end.

Thanks for feedback, RainbowHell. For sure these suggestions will be implemented for the full game.

Awesome game! Really fun to play

Thank you very much, Henzir.

That was really fun to do :) I love all this kind of iddle feature putted in gameplay !

Thanks, Flouiz. =)


After beating the game once, I got to wondering and tried a health only run. Got 3.5ish hours in and accidentally clicked give up ;-;

Oh, this is sad. There is a problem if you don’t do a balanced distribution, eg. hp only, hp+atk only, hp+def only. The game becomes too grindy. This is a thing I want to solve on full game, allow different styles of gameplay while keeping fun.

Amazing game, fast and fun.

5/5  Congrats!

Thank you for playing, AntiAction (this name suits my game’s gameplay style haha).

Great, little game. But what exacty defence stat is for?  I don't see anything changing when I upgrade it.

Thanks, urbanator. When you hit an enemy, you lose HP (this isn’t clear, I know, I need to improve the lost hp feedback). The def stat decreases the damage received. The damage received cannot be less than 1, so the minimum damage received will be always 1. The def stat is useful against enemies further down the level, they atk stat is higher, then if you defence is higher, they will inflict less damage.

Now it's perfectly clear. Thanks for answer and keep doing grat job :)

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Fun game! Reminds me of those old coin toss machines. 

Thank you very much.


Great little game, had fun beating it, would love more bosses :)


Thanks. With all these wonderful feedbacks, I’m already planning a full game.

Wow awesome game man! Really hope you flesh it out some more in the future hopefully! Keep up amazing work like this.


Thanks. Yeah, I’m already planning a complete version, I hope you enjoy the result when it comes out.


Strangely addicting! Well executed for what the game is!


Thank you for playing.


Enjoyed. Only wish is a next level.


Thank you very much por playing. I’m already planning a complete game for Re:bound.


Interesting game.

Game breaking bug: sometimes "character" gets pushed outside of game plane (to the left or to the right) and after that keeps falling down until page reload.

Thanks, Bogudan.

This bug is strange, it’s the first time I hear about. But I think it can happen if the character is too fast (but really too fast), then walls cannot process the collision. Thanks for reporting, I think I can solve placing a force outside the screen pushing him to center of the screen. Sorry for the problem.

It happened for me 3 times in FF 95 on Linux during today (was not able to end the game). 1st time this happened character moved over the top of the screen and when screen suddenly started scrolling down I thought that character moved too fast down to process any collisions or being rendered.

One possible workaround: add "abort" button which instakills character. This way if something wierd happens, player can just restart round.

Thanks for reporting and thanks for the suggestion. I am planning to improve the idea and release a full game (more stages, abilities, characters, etc) and I will use your suggestions.

nice game, takes a bit to get properly started but gets pretty good then :-)


Thank you for playing. I hope you enjoyed.

yeah, was nice to play :-)